What is Master Re-Keying? | Daniel Locksmith Hialeah

If you have ever speculated, what is master re-keying, the answer is quite simple. When you have numerous locks that all work with different keys, it is necessary to keep a key for each individual lock. Perhaps you don’t want to carry around that several keys, and desire to have just one master key that will open every lock. In this case, it is probable to have your locksmith adjust all the locks so that one key will operate every lock. Westchester Locksmith will reset the pin and tumbler system within each lock so that they are the similar. This is known as Key-A-Like, and it is somewhat different than master re-keying the locks.

Yes, you have one key that works all the locks, but all the locks have the same inner device, and somebody can take their key and then work all the locks. This may not be attractive, for example, if you want to keep your office private, or there is a cash storage room with the same lock. In this case, ask the locksmith for master re-keying.