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When we talk about property crime rates, those figures include a range of different crimes including commercial property break-ins, vehicle theft, residential burglaries, larceny, and so on. In Wisconsin as a whole, we have a quite impressively low property crime rate. Milwaukee, as our capital and as the most populous city in the state, does still see higher rates. What that looks like is, on average, a 1 in 64 chance of being a victim of property crimes across the state as a whole, and a 1 in 33 probability in Milwaukee. While a 1 in 33 chance may not sound that high, particularly in comparison to other metro areas, that number is still above the national median (which is a 1 in 24 chance of being a victim of a property crime).

High Tech Locks Are Trendy

Perhaps the biggest benefit of owning a technical lock is the elimination of the classic key. We all know the aggravation of running around in the morning looking for our key sets, or having to fumble around in our pockets while holding a bag of groceries. And apart from the sheer inconvenience of losing your keys, the security concern is quite serious too. The traditional key can always be copied by thieves or malicious individuals. Your family could be in constant danger if your house keys get into the wrong hands. Locksmith Milwaukee always keens to aware the local people for installing high tech locks for better security system.

Quick Access with High Tech Door

Many modern locks, however, allow for the input of a simple 4-digital code that only you and family members know. There is an obvious convenience to keyless entry, but the advantages are apparent during times of emergency as well. If you’re a woman feeling threatened, you can quickly access your home without having to rummage through your purse first. There is also no chance that you could be attacked/pick pocketed for your keys because it simply doesn’t exist. As long as you haven’t forgotten your access code, quick entry is just buttons away. The majority homeowner in Milwaukee are emphasizing on installing high tech door for quick access.

Although a bit pricier, locks that feature fingerprint recognition are an even more effective way to ensure security and convenience. Whereby digital codes can be forgotten, your fingerprint will remain unchanged and is with you wherever you go! On these particular locks, a scan panel will light up and prompt you for your fingerprint.

Many lock manufacturers are adding another layer of hi-tech gadgetry to their devices. If you’ve ever wished you could unlock your house door remotely, well, there’s an app for that. Let’s say your trusted contractor needs last-minute access to your home to drop off some supplies, but you’re at work.